Documenting my journey as I strive for authenticity and beauty in a broken world.

I post once (to twice) a week.
I write from my heart.
I write for you but most importantly for myself…writing is like therapy; I challenge myself with it, let go of the day’s junk. But yes, I still write for you…
because I want you to know that you are loved and never alone.
I write for the both of us.
This blog is a piece of that journey.
And I welcome you to it.


Can they defeat the coming darkness?

Explore my YA fantasy series, written as an extension of my life mission and a battle cry for the broken.

Want to connect?

I’d love to chat with you. Drop me a line and we can talk over pretend coffee since you’re probably too far away to meet in person for the real stuff. If you have any questions about my posts or just need to talk, I always have a listening ear.