*Deep Breath* |when life gets crazy…I run away|

Sometimes life is crazy.

Like I can’t-catch-my-breath-need-to-press-reset crazy.

The whole world has been on one of the those lately.

When I was younger, I called the mountains where my grandparents lived, my “reset place.” I remember nearing High School graduation and sitting on the hill behind their house. I was torn between what I wanted to do, torn between my dreams and aspirations and what I was and what I hoped to become. I wanted to become a counselor, major in psych and save the world. In the same breath I wanted to become a hermit-writer and live in the forest and wear a cape and fight dragons. Or go become a missionary or move to Hawaii or just run away, because running is always easier than facing the truth.

Every time the world is too much, when I just need to think and breathe and reset my racing brain, I run away to the mountains. There’s something about the air and sunshine and being able to sit in silence that doesn’t exist even where I live.

I’m finding the importance of detoxing in my life. Detoxing my physical body but also my mental. Last weekend me and my mom and sisters traveled to my grandparents for the weekend. I had been working for the last month on the release of “The Crownless King” as well as trying to start some new writing projects, and my brain is dead. I just needed away, away from worrying about life when I go back to work, about this virus and just if everything will ever be normal again.

And I breathed, there. Just breathed.

We talk about detoxing the body, about eating right and drinking the right amount of water, but it’s easy to forget about detoxing ourselves mentally. It’s about learning our triggers, about learning what makes us fall back into the “hole” and climbing back out and learning not to return. It’s about being honest with what makes us sick….and learning to let go. It’s about climbing the mountains (both the physical and the ones in our head) and standing on top, knowing we conquered them. It’s about the baby steps, about not looking too far ahead, but the one step at a time. It’s about grace when we backslide and trying again.



And yet again.

We live in a world of constant doing. If you’re not “doing,” you’re missing out. Or so they say. I think we miss out when we forget to slow down, when forget to take the time to unwind, to find our “reset place,” when we put loud voices above the quiet One inside our hearts. We can become so caught in the “norm” that we don’t take the time to ever reconsider if we should be doing something else or not. We miss what has become toxic, we miss what has become normal sludge that we don’t have the time to root out.

Truth: Every night doesn’t have to be a grand activity. Every moment doesn’t have to make us catch our breath.

Sometimes it just means taking the time to look at the stars.

And breathe.

Just breathe.

And really take the time to ask ourselves: What next?

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6 thoughts on “*Deep Breath* |when life gets crazy…I run away|

  1. That’s a lovely place, wherever those photos were taken. I find the sound of rushing water (like a river or stream) to be calming when my mind is racing.

    Wish you well recharging those batteries. Peace


    1. I love the sound of a rushing river as well! Totally agree! There’s nothing like it in the world.


  2. That water fall, just wow!
    Busy can be good but it can also burn you out. A time to get away and rest is so good!


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