Meet My Characters |Snippets + Giveaway!|

Hola readers!

The Broken Prince turns one next week.

I really can’t believe that. I remember scrambling to get the last details ready, and now to know that was all a year ago? WOW. Just wow. In honor of one year, I decided to go through the first publication and tried to hash out of the errors I had missed. I had many reviews on good storytelling but crappy grammar. I now see the extreme need for lots and lots of reads and rereads, so now if you buy a copy of TBP, grammar errors should be 99% less!

If you’re new to my books, I would love to give you an introduction to the characters. Some have yet to be introduced, as my sequel isn’t released into the world until this fall, but without further rambles….

Serena — ISTJ, fire wielder, healer at heart, big sister to Hunter

“I always loved that story,” Serena said. The beat of the drums returned, the snow evaporating and with it, the magic of Elston’s story. “I only wish I believed she existed, that somewhere she’s waiting for the moment when we can rise again and together banish the darkness in the land.” — The Broken Prince

Serena opened her hand, closing her eyes, allowing the warmth to steal the cold and sadness away for but a moment. Little fires danced over her hand and she blew, sending sparks into the night sky, They showered above her, flashes of light mingling in the black. “I hope ye know I’m waiting for ye,” she whispered. Then she turned back to the cottage and dreamed of home. — The Crownless King

Hunter — ENFJ, guardian, soldier, protector, little brother to Serena

I’ve always been my sister’s keeper — The Crownless King

I am Hunter, Guardian in the north and friend to King Milosh. My sister Serena is a Marked and a Gifted, and it is because of her that Milosh lifted the law of Marking the Gifted. I vouch for him. He is a true son of Sindaleer and my King. — The Crownless King

Milosh — ISTP, king, outcast, foreigner,

Milosh cupped her face in his hands, turning her towards him. “I will not let the last light from my world fade forever, Serena.” He closed his eyes, resting his forehead against hers. “I cannot lose you.” — The Crownless King

“Men!” He called out, his voice ringing in the quiet of the city. “Today, we fight and we will not cower at the sight of death. Nay! We fight for all the good that is left in this world, for the light that still bleeds through the darkness and touches our souls.” — The Crownless King

Sabriel — ISTJ, Knight, animal speaker, mountain climber

“We have tasted death, seen the darkness in ourselves and in the world, but it is up to us whether we submit to it or not.” — The Crownless King

What are you doing?” Nick yelled behind her, but she began running, running for the edge of the cliff.
It was time to jump, to dive or fall, to let go, to be free.
— The Crownless King

Nick — ENFP, Guardian

“We’re like Glowbugs, Sabby.” Nick blew, the Glowbug disappearing in the night. “We’re small but our light is powerful.” — The Crownless King

Elston — ESFP, storyteller, flirt

Tirich — INTJ, Knight leader, gift of Cozen

I used to dream of killing Thayer,” he said. “Dreamed of the day he would be avenged, and then you came. Haughty and proud, a man I had never heard of, that the world had never known before Thayer brought you here to the castle. And I knew Thayer wasn’t the only one who was going to suffer.” — The Crownless King

His breath had caressed her cheek as he’d stood, his dark eyes holding no emotion. “The time has come for the king to gain his crown.” — The Crownless King

And in honor, once again, of my baby’s birthday, you can win homemade chai tea mix, a mini adorable crown ear cuff, and a five dollar gift card towards Oh Beloved One shop! Giveaway ends soon so be sure and enter!



2 thoughts on “Meet My Characters |Snippets + Giveaway!|

  1. Hey Kara!

    WOW!!!! The snippets and pictures look great!

    Guess what? I recently finished re-reading “The Broken Prince” and I LOVED IT!!!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to read your next one!

    Love you so much cousin-sister-friend!


  2. After witnessing yesterday’s shocking abuse of presidential power and Christian symbolism, I have to wonder what sort of person could vote for this creature. Sadly, it seems some people really do just want to watch the World burn.

    Trump’s next term should be in a penitentiary .. or in HELL.


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