i’m glad my dreams don’t come true

I’m glad my childhood dreams didn’t all magically come true.

You can dream and plan and hope and pray, and as much as my old dreams were nice to hold onto, as much as I liked to wish on a star, I could never write the story I am in now.

Dreams are nice.

Dreams are good.

But they aren’t as good as what I’m living in this moment.

Some days feel like a piece of hell. Some days make me wish for the Kara I use to dream would one day exist. The smarter, prettier, more confident version of myself that I prayed would one day materialize out of thin air. I didn’t realize who I would be at twenty one would be nothing like I imagined.

But right now? My life is exactly where I need it even if sometimes I don’t realize it. If dreams came true, then those deep, beautiful, breath-taking moments I never thought possible would never have happened. Those people who just showed up in my life, the people I didn’t even realize I needed would be nothing to me, and now I don’t know what I’d do without them. I couldn’t have dreamed up a life like this. I couldn’t have brought about what’s come.

I remember wanting the days to go by faster so my dreams could hurry up and come true — I didn’t realize the things I would miss if they did. I didn’t realize what I’d miss if eveything I wanted to happen, had come about. I didn’t realize the tiniest of blessings that would come for things that I thought were far from what I wanted.

Realizing this makes me (even slightly) thankful for rejection. If makes me thankful for being turned down. It makes me appreciate, even a tiny bit, how I’m not always in charge of my life.

Because I fail to see the bigger picture. I’m only one human striving for perfection that will never come. I’m not the storyteller of my story as much as I try to be. I’m not as good as the One who is.

I’m glad dreams don’t come true.

Because dreams are nice, but so is real life. The achingly hard, breath takingly beautiful, soul zinging, warming, moments would not come. And sometimes it takes a heck of a lot of pain to get to this point. Sometimes without failed dreams, we’d never make it to the other side.

So I’ll keep dreaming and planning and hoping, but I won’t wish too hard.

Because sometimes I’m glad when dreams don’t come true.


5 thoughts on “i’m glad my dreams don’t come true

  1. I dream of being one of the greatest poets in history! This sounds a little silly, and far fetched, and it probably is. However, I wonder if my dream came true if it really would be “all that.” I wonder if in the end I would rather have not shown my poetry to anyone and just written for my own pleasure and God. Even doing this blog is kind of scary, it is the first time I’ve shown anyone, other than my family, my poetry. However, I think this is what God wants me to do, regardless of dreams, and if He is leading I know it will turn out alright. I feel like maybe dreams are exciting to have and to chase, but not actually that great if they come true, but I don’t know.
    Anyhow, thanks for this post! I enjoyed reading it. It was relatable and something I’ve thought a lot about!
    If you would like to check out my poetry, I would be honored.

    -The Moth Owl



    1. Thanks so much for sharing your heart! It was encouraging to hear anotheer’s thoughts. ❤ I'll be sure and check out your blog ASAP!


  2. I dream of being one of the greatest poets of all time. This seems kind of silly and far-fetched, and it probably is. However, even if my dream did come true, I wonder if it wouldn’t really be ALL THAT, if you know what I mean. I wonder if, when it was all finished, I would rather have not shown anyone my poetry, and just written for fun and God. Even doing this blog is kind of scary. I’ve never shown anyone my poetry before, other than my family, but I think God wanted me to do this and if He is leading me I know everything will be alright. I think dreams are great to have and to chase, but aren’t always as great if they come true.
    Anyhow, I liked this post! This topic is something I’ve thought about a lot! Thanks!
    -The Moth Owl


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