Befriending Your Monsters…

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I think I disappeared off the face of the blogging earth for a hot minute. I wasn’t expecting a break, but it was one I needed. I’m focusing more on my WIP, one The Crownless King’s release, and just trying to keep up with life. I will be back eventually, but for now I am hopping on to talk about my latest read that I’m kicking off my tbr.

As kids we have the typical monsters under the bed fear going on, and we’re tirelessly told monsters aren’t real.

However as we become adults we realize that’s not completely true.

I’ve struggled for years with the monsters and darkness battling inside the light. It’s not the literal monsters — it’s the “I am what others say I am” or “I am what I have” or even more “I am what I do.” I think today I needed this book in my life.

Because I’ve been running from my fears but Luke Norsworthy tells us to run towards them, embrace that we have them, and how facing them can be the biggest step towards healing. He explains in his book why we’re struggling with certain monsters and what they mean while giving us hope for tomorrow. His insight on how to tear down the things holding us back is refreshing and beautiful.

The best thing for you is rarely when you’re winning.

The worst thing for you isn’t losing.

Luke Norsworthy

2020 marks the year of monsters for my generation. Sometimes I wonder if we’re all drowing and will never surface. Sometimes I think it would be easier to pull the covers over my head and ignore them, but the author reminds us that they won’t go away. We are only prolonging the pain by not standing up and running towards our fears.

His humor but also his wisdom drew me to this solid book. He’s honest about his own life while making me smile. I’m not doing this review just because I have to but because I think we need this book in the world right now. We need to be reminded that hiding from our past will not solve our issues. We need to see the light and how it can pierce the darkest night.

So run for this book as you run towards your fears — it’s time to beat this.

Thank you to Baker Books for this complimentary book and allowing me to do this review.


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