A Study In Terminal

Dear reader,

This one is for the outcasts, for the misfits, and the ones who wonder if they’ll ever find the light. It’s for the wandering soul, the small-town kids who played basketball under the streetlights, and the lost human looking for a home. This one is for those in darkness and the ones brave enough to meet them there. It’s for the writers wondering if they’re good enough, those of us brave enough to dye our hair blue, and the rough and tough gangsters who need all the hugs. It’s for those seeking a happy ending to their story but they don’t know if they’ll make it there.

This is A Study In Terminal.

The outsiders for 2022

Meet Sean Brogan. He has spent most of his life running from a past he can never escape. He plans to slip into the sleepy town of Lake Fort, West Virginia as quietly as he did ten years before, but his life has never gone as planned. Sean never expects to see Rina, the blue-haired sister of his childhood best friend who makes it her mission to rescue the lost things. As Sean spends time in the lakeside town that has haunted his dreams since he was a little boy, he has no choice but to face the pain that he buried from a life cut off too soon.

An anthem for those of us who have been left behind, A Study in Terminal is a vulnerable story about the human condition that reminds us that to beat your past, you first must turn around and face it.

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Small town in the mountains vibe. Sherlock feels. Street fights. Family estrangement. Falls in love with best friend’s lil’ sis. Forgiveness. Mental health rep.

Poignant and visceral, A Study in Terminal takes the reader on a deep dive into the heart of death, what it means, and how we each may become uniquely acquainted with it. With care and precision, Linaburg has crafted a story that will arrest your attention from its beginning all the way through to its soaring conclusion.

— Author Brian Mcbride