i can’t guarantee tomorrow

I can't guarantee tomorrow. I can't guarantee that today I won't take my last breath, that today won't be my last. I can't guarantee that this sunrise will be the final, that this won't be the last day I have. I can't guarantee my health, my life, my plans, or what tomorrow will hold. I … Continue reading i can’t guarantee tomorrow


Feelings Vs. Body |Where Is Our Value Defined?|

Hola my beautiful readers! Ready for a mess of thoughts and wandering ideas? Good, because that's what you are about to get. *winks* And please, as always, listen to my Porch Swing Conversations episode two that is the companion to this post. I'm watching the world swirling around me in a cloud of darkness … Continue reading Feelings Vs. Body |Where Is Our Value Defined?|

My Battle With My Sexual Identity

*Listen to the podcast attached as well as read the below post to hear the most of my story possible. While post and podcast episode are nearly identical, there are unique aspects to each* I was around the age of eleven when I became dissatisfied with my gender and who I was. WOW. Saying … Continue reading My Battle With My Sexual Identity