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What are readers saying about “Crowned: A Duology”?

“I am not one for fantasy but this book swept me off my feet.” 

“I adored Kara’s writing! It was perfect!”

“OMG! I finished it! Where’s the sequel?”

Released: June 3rd, 2019
Pages: 212
Genre: YA (light) Fantasy

The Broken Prince

Born into a kingdom where those of magical Gifts are rejected, feared, and even killed, Serena has spent her life striving to hide her ability and keep her younger brother safe.

The bastard son of the hated king and father he hardly knows, Prince Milosh is considered an outcast. He never expects to feel anything but contempt for the peasant girl who unexpectedly shows up in his life. When two very different lives are thrown together under less than desirable circumstances, both hold deep judgement towards the other. Will they learn to see beyond their stations so that they may defeat the coming darkness, or will labels given to them at birth continue to define them?

Released: September 1, 2020
Genre: YA (light) Fantasy


The Crownless King

She won’t meet her worst enemy on the battlefield…

War is brewing and the kingdom of Sindaleer is torn as the Knights of Norcir draw the folk to their side. When Sabriel, a specially Gifted, pledges her blood to their cause, she is ready to give all to bring the peace her leader promises. She understands Tirich’s deep hatred toward the king, and has prepared for this moment nearly all her life.But when her identity as a Knight is discovered by the childhood friend who betrayed her years ago, Sabriel’s plans for justice come toppling down. Now distracted by what once was, Sabriel fights to hold onto what she’s believed to be true for so long. 

Nick never forgot the red-headed lass of years past, but she’s not the friend he remembers. As enemies connected by their past take opposing sides on the battlefield, Nick refuses to believe what she’s become. Voices in Sabriel’s head warning her she’ll never succeed and loyalties torn, she begins to realize that all is not as it seems. Tirich’s power is growing stronger, and she fears she was wrong about the good she once saw in him.

The concluding book following The Broken Prince, reminds us of the inner wars we all face, and what it means to rise from the ashes when all hope feels lost. 

This book is an example of hidden gems within the Indie publishing world. There’s a reason I’m so passionate about Indie Publishing and that’s because we’re looked down on and NO, This book proves why we Indie writers and authors are just as hardworking, if not more so, than traditional publishing. 

Brooke Riley