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I’m not just an author — I’m a freelance editor with a passion for making my services easily accessible to new writers. I’ve self-published two YA novels, am an author contracted with Monarch Press, interned as an editor, and and am currently completing my certificate in Editing and Publishing through UCLA.

Coupled with a love for mentoring, I’m not just an editor — my passion is to bring what I know to the table to help others. In other words, I also want to be your friend and help guide you on your publishing journey — my inbox is open even after your edits are complete. Also, all my prices are flexible as I try to best fit your needs and what you can pay. Ready to shine?

Let’s get editing!

Kara has been a joy to work with. Not only is she an amazing editor, but a really inspiring person too. She was quick and efficient. I can’t way to work with her again.

Lorelei Jensen

Editor. (Aka here to help you be the best version of yourself possible)

“I would recommend Kara to anyone seeking a professional editor that listens to their vision and communicates throughout the editorial process. Kara helped me polish my novel and I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!”

Angela R. Watts

Copy Edit

Imagine a copy edit like this: It’s like Sherlock Holmes walking in on a case where the obvious facts are laid out before him. The police have gathered as much information as they can, but Sherlock walks in and completely wreaks havoc on what they know. He pulls out his magnifying glass and points out the teeny, tiny details they missed. They have seen the obvious, but it takes a trained eye to catch the clues lost in the dust.

This is a copy editor, the one who takes grammar and words and sentences and tears them apart to make them shine. She is there to make sure you are accurate, delivering each line with clear precision.

I fact-check for accuracy and consistency, making sure to research the topics you’re writing about in order to be able to give you the best edit possible.

Line Edit

Have you ever stared at the screen of your laptop, knowing that what you wrote is decent, but it still doesn’t describe what you wanted to say? You have it all in your head, but really getting it all out onto paper is a struggle. A line edit is basically tightening up your sentences, taking a closer look at word choice and overall flow. This is the time where I help you find your voice, pointing out how to tighten everything up in a way that allows your unique personality to shine. I also do a very light copy edit with this.

Kara Linaburg’s proofreading was very thorough and thoughtful, not to mention very prompt. I’d definitely recommend her services to anyone in need of a fantastic and hardworking service provider.”

Michaela Bush, author


The beta readers have stormed through, the edits complete… but you know there’s some errors you have missed before you are ready to get your baby sent off. I’m here to catch those missed words, comas, or sentences that somehow got written in twice. Oh, and not to mention that one time she ended up with blond hair, when two chapters before she had black. Coupled with the word and grammar side of proofreading, I will also look over the design and layout of books with indie authors for any errors in the format.

This is a less-expensive and much simpler version of a copy edit.

NOTE: I will no longer proofread a manuscript that has not had at least some editing (aka another set of eyes apart from yours) prior to reaching out to me. A proofread is not the same as a copy or line edit, and is the LAST step before publication.

Development Edit

Think of this as the time for a mentor after your story is complete and critiqued. You have some plot struggles, character development issues… and should the dragon kill the main character off in the end or not? Your beta readers said yes… but you’re still not sure. I’m here to help out with story inconsistencies, get that dragon where he’s supposed to be, and make your book, short-story, or flash fiction shine. I’m here to mentor, be a friend, fangirl, and cheer you on.


A critique is a quick summary, often in bullet point format, with pointers on how to make your book the best book possible. Think if it as a lighter version of a development edit — and a lot less detailed. This is especially helpful if you are struggling to find early readers and need honest feedback about where your story is headed, or are starting out and need a mentor to help challenge you to continue, as well as offer a brainstorming session. I offer a critique for the first six chapters or the whole manuscript.

Know what you want? Yay! Let’s now take a look at prices, shall we?

Prices vary by manuscript. Some need more work and others will be far easier for me to finish. Some need more time simply because a high fantasy has different needs from a YA contemporary. I also cater to your needs! Do you have max price you can afford? I’m here for you. We will discuss my rates together, and see what will help you out the most. I am flexible in both rates and times! Below are my typical rates…

Development edit: A dollar fifty to two dollars per page. This includes a phone conversation or video call if you choose to discuss the edit, a letter of overall strengths and weaknesses, a detailed document explaining what needs work, and a bullet point list for easy access during revisions.

Critique: 75 cents per page for full manuscript and a flat rate of fifteen dollars for the first six chapters (if you choose a partial). This includes a personal phone conversation or video call, if you choose to discuss the critique, and a quick bullet point list of things I could see needing changed (storyworld, characters, plot, etc). And, as always, my inbox is open long after my job is complete, allowing you to ask questions during your own editing process.

Proofread: 60 cents per page

Copy Edit and line edit: One dollar to a dollar fifty per page

Ready to work? Contact me ASAP and let’s talk! Not sure if I’m a good fit? Read my tips HERE on making sure you find a solid editor as you continue your search.

My prices not in your budget? I want to work with YOU. These are my estimated prices, but regardless of budget, reach out, let me do a sample edit, and then let’s talk prices!

“Writing is a lonely job. Having someone who believes in you makes a lot if difference. They don’t have to makes speeches. Just believing is usually enough.”

Stephen King

Let me be your Editor + friend + that one person you can fangirl with